Stellar Industries, Inc.

We are happy to announce AFS is now your local authorized dealer for Stellar Industries for the entire state of Georgia.

Stellar Industries, Inc., was established in 1990 as the first US corporation to design and manufacture a domestic hydraulic hooklift hoist. Since its inception, Stellar has created over 40 different hooklift models featuring single-pivot, double-pivot and sliding jib designs. Today Stellar offers a countless number of tire service truck combinations that include over 8 different models of tire service cranes ranging in capacities up to 28,000 pounds, a variety of accompanying tire manipulators, and a growing list of service bodies to meet any tire service need.

Hooklift Flex & Shuttle Series

Stellar Industries provides the largest line of hydraulic hooklift hoists in North America. With both articulating tilt and sliding jib hooklifts, Stellar offers nearly fifty different models covering a wide range of capacities and body sizes.

When it comes to the Stellar® Hooklift System, the simplicity of design and operation are top priorities. With a single truck, an operator can load, unload, or change bodies without leaving the truck cab. This drastically increases efficiency and productivity while cutting down on operational costs and maintenance.

Cable Hoists / Roll-Offs

The standard cable hoist has been improved.

Through the use of innovative design processes Stellar has improved numerous items on the cable hoist, including piston pumps, zinc plated pins, improved cable routing, and decreased shipping weight which, in turn, increases the payload.